Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded《花花公子拉瑞》:流程攻略

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      一说到最有名的成人杂志,大家第一个想当的应该就是《花花公子》吧!喜欢PC游戏的帅哥们应该对其延伸作品:Leisure Suit Larry《花花公子拉瑞》不陌生吧。这款游戏跟其原版杂志一样是标准的18禁。这款系列游戏以欧美玩家为对象,在表现方面显得非常大胆开放,各种让人血脉喷张的画面使得游戏加入了严格的年龄限制,绝对的18禁。除此之外,该系列一贯的无厘头搞笑以及游戏中追求女生的各种小技俩一直都为玩家所称道。


Q: Roberta Williams Designed What?
A: Computer Games
Q: Theodor Geisel is also known as…
A: Dr. Seuss
Q: What was the “Concorde” also known as?
A: The SST
Q: Who ran against George W. Bush the 2000 Presidential Election?
A: Al Gore
Q: Chicago is not an…
A: Opera
Q: What did some people call French Fries for a brief time in the early 2000s?
A: Freedom Fries
Q: Rudy Giuliani used to be
A: Mayor of New York City
Q: Which of these games came first?
A: Pong
Q: Who appeared in 15 episodes of Saturday Night Live during its first season?
A: The Muppets
Q: What TV show ended in 2004 after 10 seasons?
A: Friends
Q: Your permanent record is?
A: A Fairy Tale meant to frighten children
Q: Who said: “I ate his liver with some fava beans and nice Chianti”
A: Hannibal Lecter
Q: Which of these is a dance?
A: The Macarena
Q: Which of these is NOT a kind of sushi?
A: Kirigami
Q: Compuserve was an…
A: Online Service
Q: Whats that little thing on the tip of your shoelace?
A: An Aglet
Q: Who didn’t know wheter “Buffalo Wings” were made from chicken or Buffalo?
A: Jessica Simpson
Q: Which of these isn’t a old internet search engine?
A: FindItOut
Q: Which of these require a battery?
A: A Tamagotchi
Q: What was going to cause the world’s computers to malfunction?
A: Y2K
Q: Which of these was not a real tv show?
A: Not with my daughter, you don’t
Q: Which of these is not a part of the human body?
A: Mound of Glory
Q: Which “right” is spelled wrong?
A: Copywright
Q: Who’s known for the phrase “My precious?”
A: Gollum
Q: Steve Fosset was the first person to
A: Travel around the world in a balloon
Q: Which of these is NOT an article of clothing?
A: Peccadillo
Q: Not that there’s anything wrong with that was popularized on the tv show…
A: Seinfeld
Q: What is a Porcelain Goddess?
A: A Toilet
Q: The incredible edible…
A: Egg
Q: Who has never been caught shoplifting?
A: Stevie Wonder
Q: Which famous performer’s son used to be her daughter?
A: Cher
Q: Which haircut grew out of a TV Show?
A: The Rachel

Q: The motto of the US Marine Corps is…
A: Semper fi

Q: Xander,Willow, and Oz were all characters on…
A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Q: Tornadoes seem magnetically drawn to…
A: Trailer Parks

Q: Which one is not a Scientologist?
A: Mayim Bialik
Q: Who’s smarter than the average bear?
A: Yogi

Q: Which desert is also the name of a past or present Las Vegas casino?
A: The Sahara

Q: Emeril: “Bam”
A: Anne Robinson:“You are the weakest link.”

Q: Who did Angelina Jolie kiss passionately when she won an Oscar?
A: Her Brother

Q: Bill Cosby has never sold…
A: Babies